KAYAN Executive board

Mohamed Edris

Mohamed Edris

Technical and Business Development Director


Site Engineer for Mechanical works execution.

  • Hilton Dream Land Hotel (From Jan,2004 to June,2004)
  • Glaxco Smith Klien Factory (From July,2004 to ,2004)

Site Manager for the Mechanical works execution for following Projects.

  • Egyptian fertilizer company project with UHDE International Company
  • El-ain soukhna-suez (From ,2005 to Nov., 2005)
  • SAN STEFNO GRAND PLAZA (ALEXANDRIA) from (Dec. 2005 to Feb 2006).
  • Police Hospital Alexandria (From March 2006 to 2008)

Project Manager for following Projects

  • Saudi Arabian Bin Ladin (RPD Company) King Abdullah university for science and technology in Thual (From jun 2008 to 2009)
  • Eli Lilly Factory for insulin 6 OCT city (From Jan, 2010 to , 2010)
  • Hekma Pharma Factory for Insulin 6 OCT city (From , 2010 to Jan., 2011).
  • SAN STEFNO GRAND PLAZA (ALEXANDRIA) (From , 2011 to Nov., 2011)
  • ABB- PSP (Egypt) - Damnhour Electrical Power Plant (Damnhour) (From , 2011 to June 2012)
  • Saudi Arabian Bin Ladin (RPD company) MEGA project MOI correctional facilities Project Taif (From June, 2012 to April 2016)
  • Saudi Arabian Bin Ladin (RPD company) MEGA project High rise building AJYAD Hospital and Hotel Project

Consukorra Company

Position: Area Manager.

  • Beity Project (From July, 2017 to Dec 2017)
  • Huhtamaki Flexible Packaging Project
2008-Zahramedenetnasr-Al Hay El Asher - Cairo, Egypt
El Wahat Road - El FardousCity - 6th October - Block 443 B 1